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Magazines for Cheap | Cheap Magazines | Discount Magazines

Magazines for Cheap | Cheap Magazines | Discount Magazines.

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New Cheap Magazines to add 300 New Magazine Titles

January 4, 2012 — Everyone knows that a magazine is a must have in most houses all over the world. is a leader in distributing cheap magazines. We are proud to announce the new additions to our company.

Everyone from journalists to students, Doctors, Dentists and offices all over the globe are talking about the services that New Cheap Magazine has to offer. This new addition is just the beginning to a growing and prosperous year ahead.

“This breaking news opens the door to larger contracts and more opportunities for the company to grow even more” says CEO Jeromy Douglas.

From grocery stores to law offices, Doctors offices to Gas stations, magazines are the must have for people around the world. “We plan on expanding our business and hiring more people to do our part in helping our economy grow” says CEO Jeromy Douglas. Not only does New Cheap Magazines offer great discounts off of your favorite magazines, but they also offer the best customer service in the industry. Live Chat, Email and a Toll Free number are just a part of the companies services. These new additions will surely push over their competitors.

If you are looking for a place to find discount magazine subscriptions and the best customer service in the industry, then New Cheap Magazines is the place to go. In today’s World, it is important to save money and still have the benefits of great products and great customer service.


Jeromy Douglas
New Cheap Magazines

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